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Hello! My internet nickname is iVoka and this is my personal space which has been online since 2008. Before that I had several other small websites about me and my interests. You probably know me as the administrator of CS-BG.info - the bulgarian Counter-Strike fansite that I made as a teenager back in 2007.

My interest in computers sparked in the years 2002-2003 when I happened to use a PC for the first time at my school and some internet clubs. Shortly after that we got our own computer at home. It was a Pentium 166 MHz with 32 MB of RAM and 1 GB HDD. I was so excited about it, I explored practically the entire operating system, every setting and every folder, thus managing to break the OS every other day and needed to bring it in for a reinstall many times before I got a CD-ROM drive to reinstall it myself.

After getting well acquainted with my PC, I moved on to play some older games (mostly 1997 ones) and got interested in various software such as Microsoft FrontPage. I was wondering how all websites on the internet were made and was determined to try and make one of my own.

And so, almost 3 years later I got a Pentium 4 3.0 Ghz, 1GB RAM and 160 GB HDD, and finally, internet connection, although it was only 2 to 4 KB/s at the time. I proceeded forward with some more games and began developing some sample websites about me and the games I was interested in. One of them turned out to be a real hit several years later, and that was CS-BG.info


From Jun 2007 To Present

(16+ Years)

CS-BG.info Bulgaria

Founder & Developer

I've been working on every aspect of the website mostly by myself, and that includes PHP programming, design using HTML & CSS, search engine optimization, basic server administration and so on.

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